Matthew de Boer

New Zealand Climate Change Commission
Senior Analyst
Matthew de Boer Image

I'm focussed on helping promote and develop climate change solutions that cut across the intersections between emissions reductions, carbon removals and adaptation to climate risks and impacts. I believe our coastlines and coastal waters offer huge opportunities for carbon sequestration via blue carbon ecosystems, as well as building ecological and community resilience and harnessing the enormous potential of wind, wave and tidal energy.
I have experience in regional climate change risk assessment, coastal adaptation and community resilience planning. I recently developed a regional Climate Change Strategy for and initiated and coordinated a long-term collaborative adaptation programme. My background is in ecosystems science, assessing large ecological restoration projects, and using nature-based solutions in strategic catchment management.
Currently I'm working as a senior analyst at the Climate Change Commission on projects including biological methane, adaptation and scoping the upcoming NZ national climate change risk assessment.