Erin Derrington

EcoMD Services / CNMI-OPD / Maui County Planning
Environmental Planner / Lead Planner / Coastal Shoreline Planner
Erin Derrington Image

Erin Derrington is an environmental science and policy specialist who focuses on natural resource management planning and project implementation. Leveraging her background in environmental law and conservation science and policy, Ms. Derrington has been supporting creation and implementation of coastal resources management laws in the Pacific and in coastal climate adaptation for over a decade. Recently she lead the creation of the Comprehensive Sustainable Development Plan (CSDP) for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) and was a co-author on the 2020 PIRCA CNMI Climate Change Report. She is continuing to support CNMI's CSDP implementation, developing climate adaptation content for the land trust community, facilitating shoreline access planning on Guam, teaching environmental management courses, and supporting shoreline management projects and resiliency planning efforts in Maui County. When she is away from the office, Erin is an avid explorer who enjoys adventures in the coastal environment from ridge to reef and beyond. She is excited to engage in opportunities to build coastal resiliency for the people and ecosystems on the front lines of climate impacts.