Guillermo Accame

Panattoni Development
Director of Risk Management
Guillermo Accame Image

Willy is the Director of Risk Management at Panattoni Development Company where he manages risk throughout Panattoni’s global operations and serves as the chair of Panattoni’s Sustainability Committee. He advises Panattoni in the acquisition and development of properties with environmental challenges throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. In the last 10 years, these efforts have resulted in the successful redevelopment of almost 17 million square feet of industrial property valued at over $1 Billion.
Willy is a member of the Engineering for Climate Extremes Partnership at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. He previously served as the Industry Liaison at the University of Maryland’s Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center. His work there focused on advancing support for climate resilience by facilitating communication between private industry and climate scientists. As such, he chaired an Industry Advisory Panel conducting a Climate Applications Test-Bed, a joint pilot between ESSIC, NOAA, and private industry. Last year, he represented private industry at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center and Climate Program Office strategic planning meetings. In addition, he contributed to The Royal Society’s Human Resilience to Climate Change and Disasters study and participated in the launch of the Climate Data Initiative at the White House. Willy holds advanced degrees in Geochemistry and Remote Sensing from Purdue University, where he served as a research fellow. He received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of Maryland and speaks widely on climate resilience, Brownfield redevelopment, and environmental risk.