Miguel Altieri

University of California, Berkeley
Environmental Science, Policy & Management
Miguel Altieri Image

Miguel Altieri (Co-Chair) is associate professor and associate entomologist at the Center for Biological Control, University of California, Berkeley. Professor Altieri is also general coordinator of the United Nations Development Program's Sustainable Agriculture Networking and Extension Programme as well as technical advisor for the Latin American Consortium on Agroecology and Development in Santiago, Chile. His teaching and research interests focus on agroecology and on the role of biodiversity in pest management. His fields of expertise include the ecological and socioeconomic dimensions of small farm development, agricultural ecology, weed ecology and management, and organic farming. He is engaged in collaborative work with a number of universities, NGOs, and research centers in Africa, Asia and Latin America to promote research, training, and capacity building in agroecology and sustainable agriculture. He is author of a variety of books and articles on argoecology and pest management. Professor Altieri holds an honorary Ph.D. from the Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca, Peru. He received his Ph.D. in entomology from the University of Florida.