PEERS Logistics

Contact: Glynis Lough, Director of Science for Climate Action Network, with any logistical questions:

AGCI has secured federal and private funding to support participant travel, lodging, and meal expenses during the event. Please read closely what is and isn’t reimbursable.

Reimbursement Guidelines

Arrival by Air

For those flying directly to the event, please reserve your flight directly through AGCI’s travel agent, Tara Evel (, +1 858-221-7153) at least 14 days in advance of the event. Please provide your full name as it appears on your ID, desired arrival and departure dates, your home destination airport, and a copy of your government issued ID in your travel email request. AGCI will be billed directly for your flight.

If you are combining your trip with other travel plans, we request that you coordinate first with Glynis to arrange an agreeable cost share.

Reimbursable: If you wish to purchase your own flight and be reimbursed, you must be pre-approved by Glynis in advance of purchase. Flights must be economy class and purchased at least 14 days in advance. Please send flight receipts to Glynis as they are incurred if you are submitting the expense for reimbursement.

Not Reimbursable: Flights booked on your own without pre-approval cannot be reimbursed. Business or first class airline tickets cannot be reimbursed. Flights purchased after the 14 day deadline cannot be reimbursed. Any flight change fees incurred must be paid by the traveler and will not be reimbursed. Unless you get prior approval from Glynis, we cannot reimburse ground transportation or tolls incurred in transit from your home or office to your originating airport or parking at your originating airport.


Reimbursable: Lodging for the duration of the conference. If you prefer to make your own lodging arrangements, AGCI can reimburse you up to the nightly group rate. Please send any lodging receipts to Glynis as they are incurred if you are submitting the expense for reimbursement.

Not Reimbursable: If you choose to arrive early or stay after the conference, we cannot cover the cost of additional nights of lodging, expenses, or meals.


Reimbursable: We will reimburse costs for meals that are not provided by the conference at the M&IE total for the location on this page. Receipts do not need to be saved for meals, a reimbursement form can be filled out for per diem meals at the end of the event.

Not Reimbursable: We cannot reimburse for alcoholic beverages.