AGCI Insight

Intern Showcase: Soil as a sponge

August 21, 2021

Hiromi Kondo is a recent graduate of Colorado College with a love of the outdoors. She joined the AGCI team to learn more about project management, research question development, and how research can be tied into societal questions and needs. During her 2021 summer internship with AGCI’s iRON program, Hiromi assisted with field work, joined discussions on multiple ways of knowing, developed code for data management, generated graphs comparing iRON and SNOTEL datasets, and participated in group discussions with other interns. One project that Hiromi completed grew out of the group introduction to science communication. Intrigued by the challenge of how to effectively communicate the importance of complex topics, Hiromi worked with her mentors to create the infographic below to convey the importance of soil moisture to a target audience: in this case, local recreators.