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Intern Showcase: Sage and soil moisture

By Isabella Connerton-Nevin
October 26, 2021
Conducing a soil moisture transect using a hand held sensor at the Spring Valley iRON site. Summer 2021.

About the Intern: Isabella Nevin is a recent high school graduate (now college freshman) and returning AGCI summer intern. She has a passion for social justice and environmental science, and she joined the AGCI summer internship program this year with the goal of completing a simple, independent research project.

Isabella’s internship project focused on providing a species-specific lens for considering soil moisture data from AGCI’s iRON program. In addition to assisting with vegetation surveys and field station maintenance, Isabella researched sagebrush ecosystems and explored their cultural significance, ecological importance, restoration practices, and bioclimatic needs. As part of her project, Isabella also received an introduction to basic graphing in Excel, using iRON data. She compiled a summary of some of the key points she learned during her internship into a simple infographic intended as a basic introduction to the concept of permanent wilting point, using one of her own graphs as an example.

Sagebrush, Soil Moisture, and Extraction Limit: Spring Valley Site
July 31, 2021