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A donation to AGCI helps foster deeper and more applicable understanding of Earth science on a local to an international scale.

Every dollar of your tax-deductible donation to AGCI directly funds our operations and projects. Your 100% tax-deductible, charitable donations can be made using this secure online form or by check.

Individual donors play a significant role in furthering the mission of AGCI. Contributions are essential in helping us to pursue projects critical to today’s challenges in Earth systems science—from climate change to biodiversity loss. Donations make it possible for us to add value to existing projects, meaningfully contribute to collaborative efforts, and develop new projects and programs—all with the aim of furthering the understanding of earth science.

Since 1989, AGCI has held over 75 interdisciplinary workshops—contributing to a range of timely scientific discoveries about Earth systems. Small in size and intensive in their exploration of the designated topic, these meetings create opportunities for substantive discussion and exploration of new avenues for resolving the global environmental issues of our time.

In addition to workshops, AGCI provides education and outreach, innovative research projects, and programs for informing policy decisions. Whether we are summarizing key climate findings for the local community or gathering researchers from across the globe to facilitate discussion on modeling methods, our work strives to make global change science more relevant and usable.

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“AGCI is high value science for the benefit of humanity. Pure and simple.” -- AGCI Workshop Participant

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If you prefer, send a check made payable to “Aspen Global Change Institute,” to the following address:

  • Aspen Global Change Institute
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