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AGCI's Research Areas

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atmospheric composition

Atmospheric Composition

climate variability and change

Climate Variability & Change

water cycle
Water Cycle


carbon cycle

Carbon Cycle



human interactions

Human Interactions

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Welcome to the AGCI Library.
Our library database is divided into publications and presentations. AGCI's library titles span the seven research areas of the U.S. Global Change Science Program – learn more about these research areas by clicking on the icons to the left.


AGCI's publication library contains workshop reports, journal articles, and research papers. AGCI publishes a book series titled Elements of Change, which includes summaries of the proceedings of AGCI's summer technical workshops, along with independent research reports. Additionally, workshop content is often shared in the form of journal articles in publications such as Science and Nature. Hardcopies of publications are available for purchase by request.

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AGCI's presentation library represents a collection of public lectures and technical workshop presentations given at the Institute since 1990. All presentations include either video or Powerpoint slides, or both. AGCI is currently in the process of digitizing its video archive and making it available for online streaming/downloading; please check back to view additional video content as it becomes available. DVDs of most presentations are available for purchase by request.