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Aspen Global Change Institute (AGCI)
is an independent nonprofit dedicated to furthering the scientific understanding of Earth systems and global environmental change through interdisciplinary scientific workshops, educational programs, and publications & videos.

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Natural Archives, Changing Climates

How can we better understand the future climate by investigating the past? As Ray Bradley explains, proxy records--things like tree rings, ice-cores, and sediment cores--offer an invaluable window into the past climate changes and their causes. Using this historical perspective, scientists can more accurately predict future climate change. In this talk, Bradley presents the careful detective work of paleoclimatologists and the implications of their findings for modern-day climate forecasting. Recorded 18 July 2005.

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Free AGCI Walter Orr Roberts Public Lecture: September 15

Free AGCI Walter Orr Roberts Public Lecture: September 15

Cynthia Rosenzweig will present a free public lecture titled, "Climate Change Challenges to Agriculture, Food Security, and Health."

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