Clean and just energy systems are necessary and within reach.

The key to the climate-energy problem is meeting our collective energy and material requirements while stabilizing the climate and protecting Earth’s critical life support systems. This is a significant challenge, but there are many existing solutions within reach and more emerging every day.

clean & just energy pathways

Pathways Overview

Achieving a clean and just energy transition relies on improved energy justice, efficiency, electrification and alternative fuels, low-carbon energy sources, and negative emissions technologies.
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Justice in the Transition

Equity and justice are key to a successful clean energy transition.
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Efficiency Improvements

Enhancing the energy efficiency of processes across sectors will be critical.
Heat pumps installed next to house
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Electrification & Alternative Fuels

Economy-wide decarbonization relies on end-use sectors being modified to run on renewable power and heat.
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Sources of Energy

Decarbonizing electricity supply through renewable and clean energy sources such as solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal among others, is at the very heart of a clean energy transition.
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Negative Emissions

Deployment of negative emission technologies will likely be critical for meeting climate goals.
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