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Why People Support or Oppose Offshore Wind: Distilling the Key Factors that Drive Social Acceptance of Ocean Renewable Energy

by Jessica Reilly-Moman, Aspen Global Change Institute

June 2022 Research Review

Many coastal states in the United States have set ambitious emissions reduction goals with high-stakes timelines. To meet these aggressive timetables, U.S. coastal states are leaning heavily on the prospect of ocean renewable energy (ORE), particularly offshore wind. To achieve the necessary scale for ORE and meaningfully engage with communities potentially impacted by new projects, developers—and the states who seek to host them—need to understand what drives social acceptance of ORE and ways to better identify and integrate community values and concerns. Social science offers insight into the who and why of renewable energy support and opposition, and what specific actions could support a more just transition to ORE. We draw from literature on existing U.S. projects, both offshore and onshore, that could inform the transition to scale.

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Published Date: 
June 30, 2022
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