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Energy Solutions

The key to the climate-energy problem is discovering how to accommodate our collective energy and material requirements, while stabilizing the climate and protecting Earth’s critical life support systems. This is a significant challenge, but there are many existing solutions within reach and more emerging every day.

Energy Tool

This interactive Energy Tool allows you to "wave a magic wand" and create your own global energy scenario within technologically feasible approaches.

Energy Table

The AGCI Energy Table is a one-stop-shop for global energy statistics including energy source availability, production, growth, costs, as well as energy storage technologies.

Research Reviews

AGCI's Research Reviews highlight emerging research on clean energy pathways and climate change solutions.

Clean and Just Energy Pathways

Achieving a clean and just energy transition relies on improved energy justice, efficiency, electrification and alternative fuels, low-carbon energy sources, and negative emissions technologies.

Enhancing the energy efficiency of processes across sectors will be critical for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our energy system.

Economy-wide decarbonization relies on end-use sectors being modified to run on renewable power and heat, largely through electrification or alternative low-carbon fuels.

Decarbonizing electricity supply through renewable and clean energy sources such as solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal among others, is at the very heart of a clean energy transition.

In addition to the rapid decarbonization of our energy system, deployment of negative emission technologies will likely be critical for meeting climate goals.