Workshop Publication

Industry Decarbonization Infographic

Ellie Barber | Presenter
Aspen Global Change Institute (AGCI)
Jeffrey Rissman | Presenter
Energy Innovation Policy & Technology LLC®
October 1, 2020

This infographic was derived as a final product of AGCI’s 2018 workshop on Technologies and Policies to Decarbonize the Industry Sector. It accompanied the open-access publication in Applied Energy co-authored by the workshop’s participants. Industry generated 33% of global emissions in 2014, but 90% of these emissions come from a dozen industries. Technology and policy options can reach net zero industry emissions by 2070. Steel, chemicals, and cement alone generate >55% of global industry emissions. The workshop and its publication highlight the top strategies for decarbonizing global industry, which boil down to a three-pronged approach: 1) Reducing material consumption, 2) lowering energy use and shifting to clean energy, and 3) targeting the top-emitting industries. Policies can incentivize the transition. Companies that invest in the clean energy transition will profit from investing now. To dive deeper on decarbonization strategies for the industry sector, check out the full publication and explore the Agenda + Presentation on the workshop webpage.