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Cars in front of houses in residential neighborhood, with large refinery in near background

Understanding global change challenges: Environmental justice

AGCI spoke with Raj Pandya, VP of Community Science at the American Geophysical Union (AGU), about the ways global change science and scientists can partner with impacted communities to help advance environmental justice and equity.
By Liz Carver
AGCI Insight
November 15, 2023

When the glaciers are gone: Managing for biodiversity

As new landscapes and ecosystems emerge from the loss of glacier coverage, scientists are trying to understand what the consequences are for biodiversity in post-glacial regions and what can be done to increase the adaptation potential of biodiversity.
By Emilio Mateo
Research Review
October 19, 2023

Understanding Decision Support for a Changing Climate

Climate change is already affecting every region of the United States, and additional impacts are expected to intensify. These changes motivate bold new decisions and…

Workshop Presentation
October 6, 2023
Workshop Presentation
October 6, 2023