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Working with the Water Utility Climate Alliance

Leading Practices in Climate Adaptation

As the climate changes in both new and anticipated ways, the best course of action…

Canoe with youth alongside larger sailboat in Panama

Listening to the lived experience of climate resilience

Over three years, I visited over 70 coastal communities to ask people about their experience with climate change. My interview partners reshaped my understanding of climate resilience.
By Jessica Reilly-Moman
AGCI Insight
June 27, 2022
Illustration of outdoor geothermal network showing district heating and cooling technology

The potential of hybrid clean energy systems to advance energy and climate justice

New research showcases how coupling existing state efforts to accelerate renewable energy adoption in underserved low-income communities and to replace aging gas distribution networks with district heating and cooling could transform overburdened communities into high energy-performance communities that are safer and more resilient.

By Marta Darby

Research Review
April 23, 2022
Workers carry a solar panel to be installed on the roof of Balcombe primary school, as part of a community-owned renewable energy project

Europe’s energy transition: Can renewable energy communities lead to greater energy justice?

Renewable energy communities (RECs) have the potential to empower communities and benefit energy-vulnerable and energy-poor households. Recent research and review articles look at how this plays out in practice.
By Emily Jack-Scott
Research Review
March 22, 2022
Workshop Presentation
February 24, 2022
Workshop Presentation
February 23, 2022
Workshop Presentation
February 23, 2022
Workshop Presentation
February 23, 2022