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Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ , Leipzig, Germany
Group Leader Working Group POLISES
Ecological Modeling


Birgit Müller is head of the Working Group POLISES (short for ‘Policy Instruments and Social-Environmental Systems under Global Change’). With her group, she uses social-ecological modeling to analyze how policy instruments targeted at mitigating climate risks or enhancing sustainability in agriculture may affect land use under different processes of global change. Case studies include European agriculture and pastoral systems in drylands. In her group in particular agent-based models and network models are used to incorporate heterogeneity of behavior of land users as well as the interaction of those.
Birgit has a special methodological interest in (a) the theory and modeling of human decision-making related to sustainable resource use and (b) appropriate techniques to upscale human land-use decisions in models to higher spatial scales.
She holds a diploma in Mathematical Economics from the University of Leipzig and a Ph.D. in Applied Systems Science from the University of Osnabrück, Germany. For more information see: