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Director of Research


Edith de Guzman is Director of Research at TreePeople, where she investigates best practices for the sustainable transformation of the Greater Los Angeles region through the lens of urban forestry, urban watershed management, heat mitigation, and behavior change programs. She has led and supported groundbreaking research, demonstration projects, and public planning efforts on such projects as the City of Los Angeles Stormwater Capture Master Plan, Los Angeles County-wide Basin Stormwater Conservation Study, Greening Plan for Inglewood and Lennox, and an extensive study tour of five Australian cities focused on deriving drought and extreme heat lessons for California. Edith is co-founder and director of the Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative, a multi-disciplinary, national partnership of universities, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies designing data-driven, inclusive strategies for cooling urban areas using trees and high-reflectance surfaces. She received a master's in Urban Planning from UCLA and is currently a PhD student at the UCLA Institute of the Environment & Sustainability.