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Met Office Hadley Centre
Research Fellow, Earth System and Mitigation Science Team
Climate Science


I am a Research Fellow in the Earth System and Mitigation Science team at the Met Office Hadley Centre, responsible for leadership of biogeochemical modelling development, evaluation and application. My background is in coupled climate-carbon cycle research with 27 years’ experience at the Met Office including numerous high profile papers. I am a multiple IPCC Lead Author (AR5, AR6) for the carbon-cycle and projections chapters and contributing author to IPCC Special Reports. I chair C4MIP and ZECMIP activities within CMIP6 and is on the steering committees for Global Carbon Project, LUMIP and CDRMIP and I initiated the recent CovidMIP comparison of the impact of the pandemic on emissions reductions and climate. I lead the CSSP-Brazil project in the UK and has been Met Office Principal Investigator for numerous EU FP7 and H2020 projects including COMBINE, EMBRACE, CarboEurope and CRESCENDO.