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La Isla Foundation
CEO President
Strategy and Communications


Jason founded La Isla Foundation in 2008 to address Chronic Kidney Disease of non-Traditional cause (CKDnT, also known as MeN and CKDu). This still anemically addressed epidemic has claimed over 40,000 lives in the last 10 years alone in just Sri Lanka and Mesoamerica. LIF has gained media attention for the epidemic, and supported research from biopsy comparisons to initiatives like the Worker Health and Efficiency Program. With partner organizations in Central America we continue to facilitate direct aid for impacted communities via access to care and social security, potable water access, and job retraining for communities impacted by CKDnT. Jason has recently been involved with setting up the DEGREE Program. This initiative involves a core questionnaire and protocol for community-based prevalence studies so we may understand who is affected and where globally. DEGREE also endeavors to understand to what extent similar epidemics worldwide are related.