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Colorado School of Public Health
Assistant Professor
Environmental and Occupational Health
Environmental epidemiology, infectious disease surveillance


"Elizabeth Carlton is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the Colorado School of Public Health. She is an environmental epidemiologist who is interested in the impact of environmental change on water-borne diseases, particularly in low-resource settings. Her current research includes work to estimate the potential impacts of climate change on diarrheal diseases, using models that evaluate population vulnerability and adaptation strategies. She also studies environmental and social factors that influence transmission of neglected tropical diseases in Asia, including schistosomiasis in China and opisthorchiasis in Thailand. She has worked to document and understand the reemergence of schistosomiasis in southwest China. She is interested in methods that improve surveillance strategies for neglected tropical diseases, particularly in areas where disease control efforts have reduced the burden of disease and where reemergence is an ongoing concern.

Professor Carlton teaches graduate and undergraduate level courses in environmental health. She received her PhD in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of California Berkeley, her MPH from the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University and her BS from Yale University. Prior to graduate school, she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras. "