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University of Lisbon
Risk Management, Communication


"Professor of Environmental Psychology and Risk Perception and Management at the University of Lisbon.
His research has been extended for many areas having as background the interaction between human and environment. In this context developed a model of environmental stress and works actively in the consequences of noise and environmental stimuli. In this area is working with communities for two decades and have a 100% record in solving the so-called (erroneously) NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) problems. The work with communities has been connected with a large array of problems from protected areas to industrial projects.
He specializes in analysis, perception and risk management (mainly environmental). He is a consultant (risk manager) and board member of Ambimed Stericycle Portugal (hazardous hospital waste), in Secil Portugal, Brasil and Tunisia (co-incineration of alternative fuels and dangerous RIB and coordination of the science policy), and is the Chairman of ""Parks of Industrial Ecologyā€¯ (waste treatment compounds).
Was the Chairman of Quercus, (one of the most active environmental NGO in Southern Europe). He was a member of the National Water Council. He was president of the Board of the Foundation for the Protection of the Salinas Samouco between 2001 and 2008. Had a very intense intervention on environmental and risk policy in Portugal and in the EU. He was board member of the European Federation of Transport and Environment (Brussels) from 1997 to 2010
He is past President of the Society for Risk Analysis - Europe and a fellow of the SRA International. He was an invited expert in the preparation of EU directives such as air quality and noise and of the EU ECOSOC (EU Socio Economical Committee).
In helped to install the structure of the hospital waste treatment compounds in Portugal, the co-processing of Refused Derived Fuels (including from hazardous waste) in the cement production, developed and installed Ecological Industrial Parks for integrative recycling and processing of industrial waste, and a new way of treating urban waste with the higher percentage of recovering in the literature.