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Stockholm University
PhD Candidate
Stockholm Resilience Centre
1. Climate change science, impacts, adaptation, resilience; 2) hydrology, water resources, and water security; 3) Ecosystem services


Patrick Keys is pursuing a PhD with the Stockholm Resilience Centre, at Stockholm University. His research examines how land use change can drive changes in the atmospheric branch of the water cycle, with impacts to downwind precipitation. He is also the Principal Consultant of Keys Consulting Inc, which specializes in climate change vulnerability, adaptation, and resilience, in regions including the US, the Arabian Gulf, Vietnam, and Colorado. Patrick has spent significant time in the field, with fish surveys in the North Slope of Alaska, water resource assessments in Suriname, and natural resource surveys in American Samoa. Patrick has a MSc from the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington, and a BA from Willamette University.