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International Risk Governance Council
Managing Director


"Marie-Valentine Florin leads the work of the IRGC Secretariat on behalf of the Foundation Board and the Scientific and Technical Council, ensuring that effective strategies and collaborations are in place to fulfil IRGC’s mission, in line with demand from IRGC’s audience and sponsors. She leads the process by which IRGC collaborative activities are selected and organised, focusing in particular about the role of IRGC as a multi-stakeholder platform and a convening place at the interface between science and policy.

Marie-Valentine spent the first part of her career (1984-1999) in an international socio-cultural research and marketing consulting firm. Before joining IRGC in 2006, she was consulting local authorities on strategies and practices for sustainable development. She was also involved in philanthropic and humanitarian organisations. She graduated from Science Po in Paris (public policy and management), and then earned post-graduate diplomas in marketing strategy, sustainable development and environmental diplomacy. She is on the Advisory Board of the World Economic Forum Global Risk Report and a member of the EC Horizon 2020 'Science with and for society' (SWAFS) Advisory Group."