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US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Focus Area Lead
risk, resilience, decision analysis, policy, management


Dr. Igor Linkov is the Risk and Decision Science Focus Area Lead with the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center. He is an Adjunct Professor of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University and Professor of Practice in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Linkov has managed multiple risk assessments and risk management projects in the areas of environmental management, cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, climate change, and systems vulnerability. He is currently developing resilience assessment and management approaches for infrastructure and cyber systems. As a one of the leaders of the USACE Resilience PDT, he is working on developing the USACE Resilience Roadmap and is part of several Interagency Committees and Working Groups tasked with developing resilience metrics and resilience management approaches. He has published widely on environmental policy, environmental modeling, and risk analysis, including fourteen books and over 250 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters. Dr. Linkov is Society for Risk Analysis Fellow and recipient of 2005 Chauncey Starr Award for exceptional contribution to Risk Analysis and 2014 Outstanding Practitioner Award.