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NCCR, University of Bern
Climate Change Impacts on the Water Sector


Dr. Ole Rössler is a Post-Doc at the Oeschge Center for Climate Change Research in the Group of Hydrology at the University of Bern. A landscape-ecologist by training he finished his Master in 2005 with a study on climate change impact on the tree-line in Norway. In this PhD he changed location and topic and worked on climate change impact on soil moisture in the Swiss Alps. In this thesis he worked also on origin of the uncertainties in climate change projection. After finishing his PhD at the Geographical Institute of the University of Bonn in 2011, he continued to work on climate change uncertainties and hydrological extremes at the Oeschger Center in Bern. His major topics are uncertainty estimation in climate change impact assessments, downscaling of climate change signals for hydrology, and the analysis of past flood events and their representation in climate models.