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Climate Change Coordinator
climate change


Dr. Leigh Welling has been serving as the Climate Change Coordinator for NPS since June 2007. She came to the Washington Office from Glacier National Park where she was Director of the Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center for 4.5 years and served as National Coordinator for the NPS Research Learning Centers from 2006-2008. She has a PhD and MS in oceanography from Oregon State University and a BA in geology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Prior to joining the NPS, Leigh was at the University of North Dakota where she helped establish the Northern Great Plains Center for People and the Environment and served as co-chair of the Northern Great Plains sector for the National Assessment on the Impacts of Climate Variability and Change. Her primary emphasis is toward helping national, regional, and park programs and staff develop and implement strategies for effectively responding to the challenges that climate change presents to resources management and park operations.