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Seattle Public Utilities
Manager, Climate and Sustainability
climate change, utilities management, water resources


Paul Fleming is the Manager of the Climate and Sustainability Group for the Seattle Public Utilities (SPU). SPU provides a reliable drinking water supply to 1.3 million people in the Seattle metropolitan area and provides essential sewer, drainage and solid waste services to City of Seattle customers. Paul leads SPU's climate change initiatives and is responsible for developing and directing SPU's climate adaptation and mitigation strategies and research agenda as well as establishing collaborative partnerships with other utilities and research organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Paul also supervises SPU's green building program and is involved in SPU's water innovation initiatives. Paul is an active participant in several national and international efforts focused on water and climate change. He is active in the Water Utility Climate Alliance, an alliance of eight U.S. urban water suppliers focused on adaptation, GHG mitigation and climate research, where he chairs the Science and Research Committee. He serves on the Water Research Foundation's Climate Change Strategic Initiative Expert Panel, which advises the Foundation on the development of a climate change research agenda for the drinking water sector. He is also advising the Water Environment Research Foundation on their development of a climate change research agenda for the drainage and wastewater sector. Paul develops and leads SPU's international collaborative efforts, including work with Dutch researchers on urban drainage climate adaptation. He is also a participant in a U.S. State Department-funded project that is examining security, energy, water and climate change issues in Central Asia. Paul has been an invited speaker on climate change and water at water industry conferences and workshops in Washington State, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Baltimore, Colorado, Edinburgh, Toronto and Tokyo. Prior to his current position Paul managed SPU's state legislative agenda and worked on state and regional water supply and environmental policy issues. Paul is a board member of, which is a media organization that covers tools, models and ideas for creating a better future. He is also a Scott M. Johnson Fellow of the U.S.-Japan Leadership Program. Paul has a BA in Economics from Duke University and an MBA from the University of Washington. Paul lives in Seattle with his wife and daughter.