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Lockheed Martin Technical Center
Principal Physicist
Solar and Astrophysics Lab


Karel Schrijver's research focuses on the magnetic activity of the Sun, the coupling of the Sun's magnetic field into the heliosphere and its solar wind, and the manifestations of magnetic activity of other Sun-like stars. In addition to scientific research, he is actively involved in developing and operating space instrumentation: he was the science lead for the Transition Region and Coronal Explorer since before its launch, and has been its Principal Investigator since 2005; he is the science lead for the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly of the future Solar Dynamics Observatory, and co-investigator on the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager on that same mission; and as principal physicist and Lockheed Martin Fellow at the LM Advanced Technology Center, he is involved in defining and developing instrumentation for potential future heliophysics missions.