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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Staff Scientist


Hugh Pitcher is a staff scientist with the Joint Global Change Group Research Institute. He has been with the group more than a decade, during which time he has played a major role in developing the Second Generation Model (SGM), developed the initial version of the integrated assessment model MiniCAM, and worked with many others in the international community to create the recently revised IPCC emissions scenarios. His current interests include continued work on long term scenarios, including major revisions to the demographics models, including work on health, climate and economic development. He is also working on extending both of the JGCRI emissions models to allow estimates and control strategies for all important green house gases. Prior to joining PNNL, he spent twenty years at EPA, the US Department of Labor, and the Institute for Defense analysis, where the focus of his work was the development of computer models and use thereof in policy analysis. These models and analyses have covered a wide variety of topics, including the all-volunteer armed services, the impact of demographic changes on the non-inflationary rate of unemployment, the costs and benefits of reducing lead in gasoline, and the benefits of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. Pitcher has degrees in economics and mathematics from Oberlin College.