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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Leader of Livermore's Climate and Carbon-Cycle Modeling Group


Philip B. Duffy Deputy Leader of the atmospheric Science Division at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. In addition, he is Associate Adjunct Professor in the school of Natural Sciences at U.C. Merced, and is Directory of the University's Institute for Research on Climate Change and its Societal Impacts. His primary research interest is in improving understanding of the societal impacts of climate change (impacts on water availability, air quality, human health, etc.). With this goal in mind he has improved the regional-scale fidelity of global climate models by using finer spatial resolution and using improved representations of key physical processes. Dr. Duffy has a B.S. degree from Harvard in Astrophysics, and a Ph.D. from Stanford in Applied Physics. He has published papers in astrophysics, atomic physics, and climate research. He is the father of two children.