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Environment Protection Agency
Global Climate Change area


Francisco (Paco) de la Chesnaye has joined the Global Climate Change Area as a Senior Project Manager. Paco will be working in EPRI's Washington, DC office on a wide variety of climate issues. For the last four years Paco has led EPA's Climate Economics Branch and a staff of ten economists in performing economic assessments of potential climate policies and proposed legislation. He has routinely represented EPA in discussions of climate policy with senior Administration officials and Congressional representatives and staffs. In addition, Paco was active in the IPCC Fourth Assessment report, both as a Lead Author and as an official U.S. government representative to the process. Before heading the Economics Branch, he was Lead Economist for EPA's research on non-CO2 greenhouse gases and sequestration. Paco has a BS in Economics from Norwich University, an MA in Economics from American University, and an MS in Environmental Science from Johns Hopkins. He is currently working on his PhD in public policy at the University of Maryland.