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Gore Range Natural Science School
environmental education


Kimberly's connection with Nature is enriched living life as a naturalist, educator, and student. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains, earning a degree in biology, and working as a naturalist early in her career, all inform the way she goes about being in the world. Wherever she is, she turn to the plants, animals, and physical processes around her to help make connections, orient herself, and understand what is happening. Kimberly's passion for facilitating Nature-connecting experiences, combined with the concern for population growth in her community, led her to establish Gore Range Natural Science School in 1997. Currently her work focuses on the education of environmental educators and establishing a "green" campus. She is an Associate Faculty in Environmental Studies at Prescott College and working toward a doctorate in Environmental Studies at Antioch New England University. Her dissertation will be a phenomenological study of climate change in the Rocky Mountains.