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Oregon State University
narrative essay, environmental ethics


Kathleen Dean Moore is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Oregon State University, where she directs the Spring Creek Project, which brings together "the practical wisdom of the environmental sciences, the clarity of philosophical analysis, and the creative power of the written word, to imagine new ways to understand our relation to the natural world." Moore is best known as an essayist, the author of books about our cultural and spiritual relations to the wet, wild world: Riverwalking, Holdfast, and The Pine Island Paradox. Pine Island, a "philosophy in stories" that argues for a new ecological ethic of care, is the winner of the 2005 Oregon Book Award for Creative Nonfiction. Forthcoming are edited volumes about Rachel Carson and about Native American Philosophy. Although she lives on the wet side of the Cascade Range in Oregon, Moore comes to this conference by floatplane and jet from the wilderness waters of southeast Alaska.