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Colorado State University
Research Associate
Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
grassland ecosystems, biological diversity, land use and sustainable development


Dr. Chuluun Togtohyn is a Professor at the National University of Mongolia (2002-present), Visiting Senior Scientist/Research Scientist at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory of the Colorado State University (1991-present), and President of the Dryland Sustainability Institute/Global Citizen, Non-Government Organization (2006-present). T. Chuluun received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in theoretical physics from the Har'kov State University, Ukraine (1977) and his PhD in theoretical and mathematical biophysics from the Moscow State University, Russia (1991). He worked as a Senior Research Scientist/Research Scientist at the Mongolian Academy of Sciences (1977-1991). He worked as the Director of Regional Settlement Planning Division of the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development (2004-2006), and also as an Advisor to the President of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences (1991), to the Minister for Nature and Environment (1996-1998) and to the Minister for Urban Development and Construction (2006-2007). Dr. Chuluun is a Continuing Committee Member of the International Rangeland Congress, representing Central Asia and Mongolia since 2003, and a Vice-Chair of the Global Change National Committee of Mongolia since 2006. He edited books, authored over 80 papers on diverse topics related to biophysics, ecosystem science, and global environmental change and sustainability. Dr. Chuluun's research activities address ecological issues related to land use, biodiversity and sustainability; climate change impact, vulnerability and adaptation of rangeland ecosystems; and applied Earth System science. Specifically his research is aimed an understanding of factors affecting dryland social-ecological systems, and sustainable use of natural resources. His research is funded by NSF, NASA, START, TNC, the European Commission EuropeAid Cooperation Office, the UK Department of Environment and Rural Affairs, the Netherlands Climate Change Support Program, and Asia-Pacific Network on Global Environmental Change. He worked as a consultant for the International Funds for Agriculture Development, the Winrock International Institute for Agriculture Development, the Millennium Challenge Account-Mongolia, and UNDP in Mongolia. He was leading multi-disciplinary teams to develop a draft concept of sustainable development and a proposal for new administrative-territorial division of Mongolia. Dr. Chuluun teaches graduate courses in ecosystem science, global environmental change and sustainable development, and directs graduate students.