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The University of Texas at Austin
Assistant Professor
Nuclear and Radiation Engineering Program
Nuclear Systems Engineering


Dr. Schneider specializes in nuclear systems engineering and researches nuclear reactor technologies, nuclear fuel, and the sustainability of nuclear power. He focuses on computational modeling and simulation of nuclear systems. He models the transport of neutrons and other subatomic particles to study the performance of nuclear fuel in very intense radiation fields such the next generation of nuclear reactors. Schneider also uses particle physics transport modeling in a NASA-sponsored project to study the interactions of heavy ions from solar radiation with microelectronic satellite components. This research will help in designing robust, radiation-hardened electronics for extended duration space travel. In addition, Schneider is interested in anti-proliferation measures in the civilian nuclear power industry. In collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, he is developing a model to assess the effectiveness of proliferation countermeasures in gas centrifuge enrichment facilities.