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ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Co.
Advanced Research Associate
climate, carbon cycle, biomass


Haroon Kheshgi studied chemical engineering at the University of Illinois (Urbana, B.S. 1978) and the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Ph.D. 1983) where his research centered on fluid mechanics critical to the coating industry. He pursued research on laser isotope separation at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (1983- 1986) before joining Exxon Research and Engineering Company in 1986. Early in his career at Exxon he had done research on mathematical modeling, fluid mechanics, catalytic cracking, reaction engineering, process modeling, engine deposits, tar sands production, although the bulk of his research is on global climate change. At ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research his current research addresses many aspects of global climate change including carbon cycle, detection and attribution of climate change, paleoclimate implications, and the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. Recent activities include participation in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change where he was a lead author of the Special Report on Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (Global Perspectives), and the Third Assessment Report on the Scientific Basis of Climate Change (Carbon Cycle).