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Azabu University
Economic Environment Research Lab, Environmental Policy Dept.
Economics of energy supply from space


Dr. Patrick Collins is an exceptionally well known and respected authority on space economics, space tourism, reusable launch vehicles, and space solar power. Dr. Collins joins us again to discuss space tourism, space economics, space solar power and much more. Dr. Collins was the initial guest on The Space Show, the 100th guest, and the 1,000th on The Space Show. He is a professor of economics at Azabu University in Japan, and a Collaborating Researcher with the Institute for Space & Astronautical Science, as well as adviser to a number of companies. The focus of Dr. Collin's research for the past 25 years has been on how to stimulate growth of commercial space activities, the two main opportunities being tourism and energy supply. Dr. Collins performed the first market research on space tourism in Japan in 1993, and in the USA in 1995 and it has been very satisfactory for him to see his results confirmed by Nasa-funded studies performed in last two years. In addition, Dr. Collins is the co-founder of Space Future Consulting, which maintains the website among other activities. Space Future Japan recently opened and is making great progress in the country, especially among young people. Dr. Collins will update us on this exciting development. He is closely involved with Japanese work on space tourism and space solar power, subjects which are gradually getting more and more attention.