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Rocky Mountain Research Station
Quantitative Ecologist
Sustaining Alpine & Forest Ecosystems
Impact of climate change on forests


The area of expertise of Linda A. Joyce, PhD is quantitative ecology. Her recent research has focused on quantifying the impacts of climate change on ecosystems, wildlife habitat, and the socio-economic implications of climate changes on the forestry sector. She is also working with other scientists on developing adaptation options for natural resource managers and planners to climate change. As the Climate Change Specialist for the Assessment (RPA) process in the Forest Service, she identifies and coordinates the analysis of potential effects of global climate change on the condition of renewable resources on the forests and rangelands of the United States. She contributed to International Panel on Climate Change reports; served as a member of the Carbon Cycle Scientific Committee, the National Institute for Global Environmental Change, and the NEON Design Consortium. She was a member of the U.S. National Assessment Synthesis Team that completed an assessment of the impacts of climate change on the United States. As lead author, she recently completed the National Forests chapter in the U.S. Climate Change Science Program Synthesis and Assessment Report 4.4 "Adaptation Options for Climate-Sensitive Ecosystems and Resources."