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University of Maryland
Dept. of Meteorology


Professor Hudson joined the Faculty in 1990, serving as the Department Chair from 1990 to 1998. Prior to that he had held several research positions with Industry and Government Agencies. He teaches on a rotation basis the following courses: AOSC 621- Physical Meteorology II - Atmospheric Radiation: AOSC 200/201 - Weather and Climate He was Project Manager, Environmental Effects Project Office,NASA/Johnson Space Center (1974-1996); Head, Stratospheric Physics Branch, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (1976-1982); Manager, Advanced Planning and Technology Office, Earth Sciences and Applications Division, NASA/HQ (1982-1985); Head, Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch,NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (1985-1990). He is currently the President of the International Ozone Commission.