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SFA Pacific, Inc.
near-term emission reductions


Dale Simbeck joined SFA Pacific in 1980 as a founding partner. His principal activities involve technical, economic and market assessments of energy and environmental technologies for the major international energy companies. This work includes electric power generation, heavy oil upgrading, emission controls and synthesis gas production plus utilization. Mr. Simbeck's work on the global climate change issue includes a private multiclient analysis of greenhouse gas mitigation options for over 30 major international energy companies. Among a host of things, he was a lead author of the 2005 IPCC Special Report on CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS). He is also an advisor to the CO2 Capture Projects (CCP-1&2) and the Canadian Clean Power Coalition (CCPC). His public assistance on this important issue includes work for the United Nations, World Bank, the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and the Governments of Canada, China and the United States. Mr. Simbeck is a Chemical Engineering graduate of Pennsylvania State University. He has also assisted the Engineering Department of Stanford University as a Ph.D. advisor and Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a member of the External Advisory Broad to the MIT Energy Lab. Dale is a Registered Professional Engineer in California and has made numerous presentations on the technical and economic challenges of CO2 mitigation and clean coal technology. His peer reviewed papers on CO2 mitigation are mostly for the 1998-2006 International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies (GHGT), including a technical session keynote at the GHGT-9 in Washington, DC. November 17, 2008.