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Atmospheric Environment Service, Environment Canada
Environmental Adaptation Research Grp.
Atmospheric change impacts and adaptation


Roger B. Street is Regional Director, Meteorological Service of Canada Environment Canada. A meteorologist by training, Street has been with Environment Canada for the past 29 years. His focus for most of this time has been on the impacts of changing and variable weather and climate on human and natural systems and ways and means of increasing the resilience of these systems through adaptation. Until recently, he had been the Director of the Adaptation and Impacts Research Group within the Meteorological Service of Canada, active nationally and internationally in research and assessment activities, including those within the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the UN Framework Convention of Climate Change. Street led the development of the Canada Country Study, Canada's first national assessment of the impacts of climate change and associated adaptation options and strategies, and he was engaged in discussions and deliberations related to the US National Assessment. He has also been involved in related research in the Caribbean and China. Through much of his work, he has been actively engaged in communications with the public, media and decision and policy makers.