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Science and Policy Associates, Inc.
President and Founder
Integrated climate impact assessment design & multistakeholder processes


For over 25 years, Chris' professional mission has been linking science to the needs of decision makers in government, industry, NGO's and international organizations. He has worked on complex issues ranging from global climate change and acid rain to smart growth and sustainable forestry. Dr. Bernabo has worked on projects across the U.S. and in over a dozen other countries worldwide. Chris previously has served as: Congressional Science Fellow- U.S. House Science and Technology Committee; NRC Research Associate - National Academy of Sciences; Senior Policy Analyst for the NOAA Administrator; founding Director of the 12 agency and $500M National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program (NAPAP); President and founder of an international consulting firm, Science and Policy Associates, Inc. (SPA); and the founding Director of the Environmental Science and Policy Center at RAND. Chris earned a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences from Brown University. He has conducted research and published papers on the impacts of climate change and land use on forest ecosystems, approaches to integrated assessment, communication between scientists and stakeholders and the role of scientific information in environmental decision-making.