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Grabhorn Studio
Meeting Facilitator


Paul Grabhorn is a photographer and communications producer. Paul's goal is to provide highly visual communications products that make a difference in today's changing world. He has dedicated himself to creating environmental and humanitarian messages that will be heard, seen, and felt, through photography, productions, and publications of all kinds. For six years he developed a hardware/software development company and consulted with corporations and non-profits to assist them in creating "electronic meeting rooms" for strategic planning and organizational change processes. This work extended to eight years of intensive consulting and communications productions in Washington, DC, serving four White House administrations with their environmental and sustainable development initiatives. During and following this time, Paul also supported the International Committee of the Red Cross with photography assignments in over twenty "war zones" around the world. He developed multimedia training and communications materials for both internal and external ICRC communications. Paul's current focus is supporting climate change assessments in communicating their scientific findings to a lay audience.