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Centro EuroMediterraneo sui Cambmiamenti Climatici
Climate variability and predictability, Decadal Predictions, Predictability and Mechanisms


Alessio Bellucci got a PhD in physical oceanography at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton (NOCS, UK) and is currently working at the Centro EuroMediterraneo per i Cambiamenti Climatici (CMCC) in Bologna (Italy) as the coordinator of the Climate Variability and Prediction group. His main research interests are the role of the ocean on the global climate, with specific emphasis on midlatitude climate variability at decadal and interdecadal timescales, ocean-atmosphere interactions in the North Atlantic sector, and near-term climate predictability and predictions. Other investigation fields include the study of IPCC models systematic errors with a particular focus on tropical biases (double-ITCZ). He has been involved in a number of EU Projects, including ENACT, ENSEMBLES, CIRCE, CLIM-RUN, and COMBINE Projects. He is currently co-leading the work package on decadal predictions in the EU COMBINE Project.