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The Roaring Fork Observation Network (alias, iRON) seeks to support management and research of climate impacts on mountain regions. As such, all data are freely available for use. If you are unable to find the dataset you seek here, please contact AGCI’s community science manager, Elise (

Coming soon: Check back in spring of 2024 for a link to directly access archived and current data.

Soil moisture data can help us to better understand patterns of water availability and drought impacts across multiple years. In Colorado, extremely dry soils at the end of 2020 (brown line) contributed to low runoff and streamflow the following spring.
Demonstration of use for a 10HS Decagon sensor, the model used at most Roaring Fork Observation Network sites. Photo: Alex Hager, 2021.

Access the Data

Sensor Calibrations and Methods:

Archived Data

These data are updated annually and undergo basic quality control including soil moisture value calibrations and flagging of known sensor error values.

Most sites record soil moisture (5cm, 20cm, 50cm), soil temperature (20cm), rain, relative humidity, and air temperature.

Live Data

Coming soon.. Our data API, which will provide near-live access to all iRON station datasets is currently under construction. In the meantime, please email Elise ( to request the most recently available data.

Graphs of uncalibrated and unchecked raw data can be viewed using links from individual station pages.