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From the Horse's Mouth

How often do you have the opportunity to listen in on how scientists talk with each other?
AGCI's video archive covers an immense range of topics in global change science over the last quarter century.
The talks reveal how scientists go about understanding and solving some of today's most difficult problems from prominent topics--like the impacts of climate change--to more unusual topics--like how human alterations to the phosphorus cycle affect the biosphere. With support from the National Science Foundation, AGCI developed a pilot project that highlights clips from the video archive in a way that is accessible to students and other learners. The website is called "From the Horse's Mouth," a name that plays on the idea that learners are able to sit in like "flies on the wall" to glean scientific information directly from its source. The site also includes activities, bio information, and guides to help viewers dig in to the content of each clip. The website is in its first iteration, and there are plans to expand and update the website in response to initial feedback. Our goal is to bring the AGCI video archive to life and, in doing so, share the process of science, demonstrate science as a human endeavor, and inspire interest in science as a career. We invite you to explore this evolving website and share with us your thoughts, ideas, and feedback!

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