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Education and Community Engagement

We work to support Earth science education for learners of all ages. To this end, AGCI has developed teaching resources that demonstrate real-world applications of science, including tools on global energy sources, illustrated videos, and primers on Earth systems. Additionally, we visit local classrooms to speak on topics such as the science of climate change and its societal implications.




Online Resources

What is global environmental change? AGCI's archive of videos, publications, and Quarterly Research Reviews share key concepts from AGCI's work at an adult learning level, while our virtual classroom provides middle and high school level introductions to basic Earth systems, along with journal activities and other resources. Additionally, our Solutions page offers a chance to compare energy sources and learn about new technologies through interactive tools, while AGCI's illustrated videos introduce concepts from our workshops through creatively envisioned visuals.


Field Trips and Classroom Visits

AGCI does not offer official set educational programs at this time, but engaging with our local community, especially students, forms an important part of our mission to further understanding of global environmental change. Teachers interested in having an AGCI staff member talk with their class about a topic of global change, scientific practices, or communicating science may reach out to AGCI's Research and Education Coordinator, Elise Osenga at eliseo at Additionally, AGCI is happy to work with educators to bring students out in the field to get some hands-in-the-dirt education at one of our iRON soil moisture sites. Additionally, you may see our staff members around the Roaring Fork Valley, joining the conversation at a Future Forest Roundtable, participating in the GlenX Career Fair for high school students, or, in 2018, participating as a community partner for the Roaring Fork Youth Water Leadership Program. To learn more about AGCI's work in general, visit our homepage.

Other Projects