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Communicating Science Creatively

A key part of AGCI’s interdisciplinary efforts is to communicate climate science and research to different audiences. Oftentimes, specialists use jargon specific to their research to describe their work, creating a language barrier for those outside of the discipline. In order to close the gap between scientific information and public understanding, AGCI produces graphics backed by sound science to convey messages that would benefit from an engaging form of visual explanation. This effort began in 2016 and continues to grow, due to the increasing demand for creative approaches to communicating science.

Below is a sampling of the illustrations produced by AGCI. Many of these graphics were designed and illustrated by science artist Ellie Barber. For a more comprehensive looks at Ellie's portfolio, visit her website here.


A product of AGCI's 2018 workshop,
Innovating Global Fruit and Vegetable Food Systems to Help Bring Sustainable Nutrition Security
presented at the Global Climate Action Summit 2018.


Explainer Videos

Science + Society = Innovation
A product of an AGCI collaboration with, AGU 100

Sugar, Kidneys, and the Climate Connection
A product of AGCI's 2016 workshop, Health Impacts from Climate Change: The Importance of Public Health Partnerships

What Happens in the Arctic Doesn't Stay in the Arctic
A product of AGCI's 2017 workshop, Understanding the Causes and Consequences of Polar Amplification

Static Illustrations

Ecological Gradient
An illustration to visualize the different local ecosystems represented in the
Interactive Roaring Fork Observation Network (iRON). The iRON is an AGCI project to
collect and share data on climate and environmental conditions in the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado.

Graphic Facilitation

Workshop Visualizations
A graphic from AGCI's 2016 workshop, Expanding the Science-Policy Interface to Confront Global Change.
This graphic was used to visualize a hypothetical challenge ("workshop charge")
posed to the participants of the workshop session.

AGCI Partnership with the City of Aspen

Cover Page for the City of Aspen's Climate Action Plan
Click here for the City of Aspen's Climate Action Plan website.

Other Projects