Leslie Strovas

Aspen Global Change Institute (AGCI)
Executive Assistant
Leslie Strovas Image

As an Executive Assistant at the Aspen Global Change Institute, Leslie Strovas is a strategic partner to AGCI’s executive team, protecting and promoting their priorities, schedules, environment, relationships, and well-being so they can be as focused and effective as possible. An entrepreneurial business administration professional with over 30 years of experience across diverse industries, Leslie is an expert generalist and business leader who creatively and intuitively brings the Zen of business administration, organization, systematization, integration, and execution to an organization. She is especially passionate about supporting leaders and helping them drill down from the macros of vision into the micros of strategy, goals, and execution that bring a vision to life.

In addition, Leslie is certified in pastoral care and is earning her Masters in Leadership & Culture at George Fox University. She lives by the motto to “Boldly go.” A life-long learner, she is committed to growing, always exploring and seeking new or better ways to work and live, and is diligent in pursuing personal and professional integrity and excellence.

Leslie has had the privilege of traveling extensively and living abroad. Prior to her role with AGCI, she supported the executive teams of various organizations in the community healthcare, insurance, consumer electronics, and import/export industries.

Relaxing and self-care for Leslie involve being outdoors (walking, hiking, gardening, traveling), and lots of creative or intellectual activities such as knitting, cooking, and painting, or reading, writing, and research. And she loves playing with her grandchildren and cat!


BA, International Relations & Foreign Languages (German, French, Spanish), Clark University

Joined AGCI